• Grey Eagle Emblem

    This Grey Eagle Emblem is the same as shown on the Cap pictured below. You may sew this on any cap or shirt. The emblem is 3 inches high.

    Price: $3 + $1 ​shipping.

  • Grey Eagle Cap

    One size fits all cap with Grey Eagle emblem on the front is perfect for keeping the sun off the brow during those outdoor activities. Available in this color only.

    Price: $13 + $2 shipping.

  • Grey Eagle Name Tags (1" X 3") Special order item

    Pin backing name Tag is $4.55 + $6.50 Shipping per total order.

    Magnetic clip backing name tag is $6.30 +$6.50 Shipping per total order.

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  • Grey Eagle Beer Mug

    Holds 12oz. of your favorite beverage.

    Price: $8 + $4 shipping.

  • Grey Eagle Cup

    Cobalt Blue with gold eagle and lettering. - $4 + $2 shipping​​

    White with black eagle and lettering. - $4 + $2 shipping​​

  • Grey Eagle Wind Shirt

    Grey Eagle Wind Vest (Sleeveless) - $18.00 + $4 shipping

    Grey Eagle Wind Shirt (Long Sleeves) - $21.00 + $4 shipping​

  • Grey Eagle Golf Shirt

    Grey Eagle Golf Shirt w/logo & Pocket available in Red, White or Blue - Sizes: Med, Lg, XL, XXL

    Price: $10.00 + $4 shipping.

  • ​Grey Eagles Pilot Album (CD)

    Full of pictures of how good we once looked.

    Price: $5.00 + $2 shipping.

  • Grey Eagles Coat Crests

    Available for Regular and Life members of the Grey Eagles, these magnetic type allow you to proudly display the eagle on your chest.

    Magnetic type, the back plate fits in your breast pocket and the magnet in the eagle holds it in place.

    Price: $35.00 + $2 shipping.

  • ​Small GE Lapel Pin

    ​Small GE Lapel Pin - 1/2" high.​

    Price: $6 + $2 shipping.

  • Large Lapel Pin

    Large Lapel Pin/Tie Tack or GE Lady's charm​

    Price: $8 + $2 shipping.

Please Note- An order for multiple items may result in lower shipping costs than the total for each of the individual items.

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